Sweet Almonds Crochet Jewelry Set

Sweet Almonds Crochet Jewelry Set
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  • Item #: 1-J1513B
  • Manufacturer: Vashti Braha

Award Finalist!

This pattern set of five jewelry designs gets its fancy effects from combining three special stitches, two bead types, and three crochet beading techniques.

I love discovering crochet stitches that resemble fiber beads, and then seeing what happens when I add beads to them. My goal for the necklace was to find a way to crochet with oblong-shaped beads so that no stitch strands cover them. I think of the featured stitches as "jewelry quality" because they don't have an obvious wrong side, and drape more symmetrically with less unintended twisting. 

The four bracelets are different blends of Pearlpuff, Pillowpuff, and Bow Tie Picot stitches. They use at least one of three beading methods

To keep the beading simple, all beads are strung onto the yarn or thread before crocheting, even for what I call "super-hoisting." 

It's easy to make one of the bracelets long enough to be worn as a headband, wrapped bracelet, necklace, or pendant cord. Thanks to the crocheted clasps, a set of bracelets can be linked up to create a new necklace -- my favorite option!

Skill Level: Mixed (Easy, Intermediate, and Experienced). The Puffpearl is Easy and the Pillowpuff and Bow Tie Picot are Intermediate. Adding beads can make any stitch more challenging, depending on the compatibility of bead (its weight and hole size), beading method, thread/yarn, hook size, and stitch gauge. See the Helpful Resources sidebar in the pattern. Pattern is written with a limited amount of abbreviations. International English equivalents to American measurements, thread weights, and stitch terms are included.

After following these patterns you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to crochet these jewelry stitches: Bow Tie Picots, Pillowpuffs, and Puffpearls.
  • How to crochet adjustable and reinforcing jewelry clasps.
  • How to use three bead crochet methods for five kinds of jewelry cords.
  • How to coordinate bead sizes and shapes with stitches, thread types, and hook sizes

Finished Dimensions measured end to end, unclasped

Bracelet pattern instructions are for a finished length of a standard 7"-7.5" bracelet.  My finished necklace lengths of 22" (pink beads) and 36" (green beads) are based on the number of usable oblong beads in one package.These are foundation-row cords: just keep going until the bracelet or necklace is as long as you wish. Pattern includes a crocheted clasp, or you could use the yarn ends to attach a metal jewelry fastener instead.

Materials List for Silver & Pink Set with changes for the Brown & Green Set in italics. 

Thread: Katia Syros (45% Polyester, 28% Cotton, 27% Acrylic; 306yd/280m per 1.75oz/50g ball), color #75 (silver), much less than one ball. About this thread size: This is a Size #5 crochet thread, equivalent in thickness to CYC #1 Super Fine Weight yarn, a.k.a. "fingering" or "sock" weight {UK & AUS 3 Ply or 4 Ply}.  

Brown & Green Set: I used Handy Hands Lizbeth Size #10 cotton thread instead, because a size #5 was too thick to fit through the holes of the green seed beads when super-hoisting. (See Beads below.)

Crochet Hooks: 2.25 mm for crocheting, and a size .75 mm steel crochet hook or small enough size that works for "super-hoisting" your choice of beads with your thread (see Special Stitches section below). Hook sizes are not standardized across brands, so it’s best to go by the mm. size. 

Brown & Green Set: I used a Boye 1.65mm (size #7) steel crochet hook instead, because I worked with a thinner thread size (see Thread above.) This size falls between the 1.5 mm and 1.75 mm of most other brands. Feel free to use the size that works the best for you to comfortably crochet fairly tight.

Beads Used for Necklace: It’s wise to string on more beads than you’ll need.

Bead Gallery 10-inch strand (14 usable beads) of 8X16mm 'Twist Cats Eye Pink Glass' (style #55692, MSKU #10401972), and 28 silver-lined colorless glass large seed beads (a.k.a. E-beads, size 6/0 or 6º). 

Brown & Green Set: I used 29 African trade beads (approx. 10X16 mm), and 100 small-holed size 6º seed beads from Twisted Sister (item # TS-7283.12 "Translucent Olive Gold Liner"). These seed beads required a thinner thread size (see Thread above.)

Beads Used for Bracelets: It’s wise to string on more beads than you’ll need.

Up to 75 large Japanese seed beads per bracelet, see each pattern (a.k.a. Miyuki, E-beads, size 6/0 or 6º): 'hot pink lined crystal AB Miyuki' (item #6-9355-100; UPC 7-9052499661-2)

Brown & Green Set: see Necklace.

A beading needle or your preferred bead stringing tool. 

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