Slipster Slackscarf/Headband

Slipster Slackscarf/Headband
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  • Item #: 1-N2910S
  • Manufacturer: Vashti Braha

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If you've never explored Slip Stitch Crochet before, this would be an excellent first project for you.

It’s a fabric of 100% slip stitches -- an elementary (and often underestimated) crochet stitch. This antique form of crochet is often called “Bosnian Crochet” but found in many cultures by many names, and created with sometimes unusual crochet hooks. (Please click here to read my article about this fascinating technique.)

For some reason, the slip stitch in English-language crochet books is very rarely featured as a stitch for making fabric, even as late as 2010. Yet, an all-slipstitch fabric has fascinating qualities.

I love what this quick one-skein scarf feels like: drapey, stretchy, and flat--not the crochet some people expect, and not like traditional Slip Stitch/Bosnian Crochet either! My favorite way to wear it is wrapped 2 or 3 times as a headband. It looks casually chic.

Supplies Needed:

  • Crochet Hook: size 8mm/L/US11
  • Yarn: One skein (at least 200yd/187m) of just about any "sock yarn" (#1 fingering weight) yarn. The best would be those with some drape, such as some bamboo, milk, soy, rayon, or even enough silk or alpaca content. Yarn pictured: Crystal Palace Maizy Print (82% corn, 18% elastic nylon; 204yd/187m per 1.76oz/50g skein): 1 full skein
  • Stitch Marker, optional

For this simple stitch, a yarn with some color or surface texture variation is ideal. I'm having trouble capturing it in photos, but in person, the pictured scarf looks sueded with shades of mossy green and khaki. These qualities add to its funky casual look.

Finished Dimensions: 54 inches/138cm long and 3 inches/7.5cm wide (measured while hung)

Pattern is written with:

  • No abbreviations
  • Metric as well as Imperial measurements
  • Instructions for customizing dimensions, and optional stitch refinement tips
  • Clickable hyperlinks that take you to helpful articles, and to an exclusive set of images for this design

After using this pattern you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to make the simplest fabric-quality slip stitch
  • The importance of a hook-led stitch gauge (an intermediate skill)
  • How to begin with a locking vs. adjustable slip knot
  • A fun, quick way to use single skeins of silky sock yarns
  • How to work into the foundation chain so that both long edges of the scarf look identical.

Skill Level: It’s an Easy pattern because of the stitch and simple design. (It’s mindless enough that I can make it while talking on the phone.) It may be Easy-Intermediate for some because the looser gauge and larger-than-normal hook size might be a new experience.

  • Special Technique: Slip Stitch/"Bosnian" Crochet
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