Q-Star Coverlet: reversible star stitches

Q-Star Coverlet is a lavish star stitch pattern that results in a durable, warm, and pretty blanket—just like a real quilt. Includes photo tutorials and 2 reversible borders: wrapped puff eyelets, or simple solid single crochet.
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  • Item #: 24L-H5415
  • Manufacturer: Vashti Braha

Q-Star Coverlet is a lavish, reversible star stitch pattern that results in a beautifully durable and warm blanket—just like a real quilt. (The "Q" is for "quilted.") Pattern includes photo tutorials and 2 reversible borders: wrapped puff eyelets, or simple solid single crochet.

I developed the Q-star stitch to combine special features of other star stitches, and to eliminate biasing. I built in a nice selvage stitch for a stable edge. A surprise Q-uality of Q-stars is that they're fully reversible! 

Skill Level: Intermediate This pattern is written with a minimal amount of abbreviations. UK and Australian equivalents for American measurements, yarn weights, and stitch terms are in brackets { }.

After using this pattern you will know (if you didn’t already):

  • How to crochet an eleven-loop star stitch (22 loops if double-stranded).
  • How to understand and use reversible star stitches.
  • How crocheting with two different colors held together affects star stitches.
  • How to end each row with a selvage stitch for perfectly straight, neat, stabilized edges.
  • How to do fully reversible surface slip stitch trim.

Finished Dimensions include a 1.5”-wide {3.8 cm} border. It's easy to change the finished size by increasing or decreasing stitches and rows (guidelines provided in the pattern). 

  • Baby Stroller & Crib Blanket: 30” x 35” {76.2 cm by 88.9 cm}
  • Lapghan: 38” x 45” {96.5 cm x 114.3 cm}
  • Throw: 45" x 56" {114.3 cm x 142.2 cm}
  • Twin Bed & Day Bed: 50" x 72" {127.0 cm x 182.9 cm}

Supplies Needed

  • Crochet Hook: I/9/5.5mm or size required for gauge. 
  • Yarn used for all two-colored blankets: Two strands of different colors were held together throughout of DesigningVashti.com Lotus (52% Cotton, 48% Rayon; 256yd/234m per 3.5oz/100g skein). Color pairings shown: Pink Sugar and Peachy Sheen; Crystal Blue and Bamboo Green; Grenadine and Dark Roast. A Lotus Magnum (two-pound cone) of two colors would be enough to make the Lapghan size; add a Z-Bombe (one-pound cone) of each color to make the Throw size. For a baby blanket, use just one strand.
    • Notes about this yarn and substituting: Star stitches are so beautiful in this yarn that I originally planned to make a fancy jacket! As a coverlet it has a sleek, supple, heavy luster. Using two strands of similar colors, such as pink and peach, gives the stars a rich dimensional look. Choose a #2 Fine Weight yarn in one or two colors (a.k.a. Sport, Heavy Sock, Light DK, 5-Ply). You'll be crocheting with two strands of it held together.
  • Yarn used for light grey blanket: One strand of Red Heart Fiesta (73% acrylic, 27% nylon, 316yds/289m per 6oz/170g skein. Color #6341 "Millenium": 6 skeins for a Lapghan, 9 skeins for the Throw, and 12 skeins for the Twin/Day Bed size.
    • Use a yarn in the "#4 Medium Weight yarn" category (worsted, afghan, aran weight). 
  • 5 stitch markers, optional (4 to mark each corner stitch and a contrasting 5th one to mark the join while completing the border).
  • Special Technique: Star Stitches
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