Oaty-O & Fruity-O Sliders Jewelry Set

Oaty-O & Fruity-O Sliders Jewelry Set
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  • Item #: 0-JN3208R
  • Manufacturer: Vashti Braha

In informal tests, casual onlookers repeatedly mistook these crocheted charms for real cereal. No charms have actually been ingested although they do contain 100% fiber content!

These charms are “sliders”. In jewelry lingo, a “slider charm” is a kind of bead or charm that can be slid onto something else, such as a ribbon or wristband. For this project they are slid onto black velvet ribbon.

Oat-colored size 10 cotton crochet thread and fruit-colored embroidery flosses were used here but any yarn or thread comparable to size #10 crochet thread would work.

These Sliders are meant to commemorate the Moms everywhere who spend years getting to know Cheeriostm, FrootLoopstm, and other “Oaty-O’s” type cereals. We parents (Dads too!) learn quickly to keep these cereals on hand and in one’s purse or car; we find them stuck to the back seats of cars, know the crunch of them underfoot in the kitchen, and have watched them become toys—strung like beads, stuck to little fingertips like puppets, and used as counters in counting books.

Finished Dimensions: each charm is approx. 5/8”(1.5cm) in diameter


  • Small amount of oat-colored size #10 crochet thread
  • Less than 1 hank of DMC embroidery floss was used for each (I hank of floss yielded 5 fruit-loops!) for fruit-loop colored or metallic versions
  • Small amount of black size #10 crochet thread for ring band
  • 1.75mm steel crochet hook
  • .5"/1cm-wide black velvet ribbon, 9"/23cm long (or more for Choker)
  • Snaps, optional
  • black sewing needle and thread for attaching snaps to ribbon ends
  • 4"/10cm black elastic, optional
  • Skill Level: Easy
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