Moonglow Pillow with Hidden Pocket

Crochet a simple stitch in a spiral, then slip stitch glow Jelly Yarn® on the surface. Looks great and adds durability. A hidden stash pocket is easy to create. Great "nightlight" for a child!
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  • Manufacturer: Vashti Braha

Take your basic Red Heart Supersaver or other smooth worsted weight yarn and crochet simple stitches in a spiral. Then it gets exciting: slip stitch some glow in the dark Jelly Yarn® onto the surface of the pillow front. The look and feel of the surface-crocheted Jelly Yarn is very cool. You just have to see for yourself. It also adds impressive durability to the pillow surface.

Assembly is easy too, and the bonus is a hidden roomy stash pocket. A child would love its comforting nightlight and built-in toy pocket features. 

I originally wrote this pattern in 2009. It was inspired directly by the Crochet Liberation Front: a pattern book called CLF All Growed Up! was in the works back then.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner. UK and Australian equivalents for American measurements, yarn weights, and stitch terms are in brackets { }. After using this pattern, you will know (if you didn't already): 

  • How to crochet spiraling rounds.
  • How to create a pillow with a roomy pocket simply and effectively.
  • How to do surface slip stitch crochet, which is a very old form of crochet called tambour. According to some accounts, today's crochet developed from tambour lace.
  • How to combine a traditional household yarn with quite the opposite—an unusual, futuristic monofilament yarn—for fun and very practical results. 

Finished Measurements (stuffed): Approximately 12" in diameter and 6" thick. {30.48 cm by 15.24 cm}. It's easy to change the pillow's diameter by increasing or decreasing rounds.

Supplies Needed

Crochet Hooks: Size US8/H {5 mm} crochet hook, or appropriate size for gauge. (Exact gauge is not essential for this project.) Size US10/J {6.0 mm} crochet hook for the Jelly Yarn surface crochet (an aluminum crochet hook is recommended).

Main Yarn: 1 skein smooth worsted weight yarn (projects shown in 100% acrylic Red Heart Supersaver: color #0322 Pale Yellow, and #0312 Black). You may need additional yarn if you use a different brand. To substitute a yarn: Use one in the "#4 Medium Weight yarn" category, a.k.a. Worsted, Afghan, Aran weight. A crochet hook size range from US H/8 {5 mm} to US J/10 {6 mm} is recommended for this category.

Contrast Yarn: 1 skein Jelly Yarn® Fine (projects shown in “Vanilla Peppermint Glow” and “Pink Peppermint Glow”). You can see all 12 colors of Jelly Yarn Fine here in my shop. To substitute a yarn: This unique yarn, a vinyl monofilament, is listed in the #2 Fine Weight category (a.k.a. sport weight). Sometimes it behaves more like a thicker, #3 or #4 yarn because of how bouncy it is. For this pillow, try a #3 or #4 yarn and see if you like it.

Pillow Stuffing: A standard 14" {35.56 cm} round pillow form, or poly fiberfill, or a square pillow form with corners that you have rounded.

Also helpful: Length of contrasting scrap yarn, 10" {25.4 cm} or so (for marking spiraling rounds). Hand lotion, small amount (recommended for Jelly Yarn).

  • Skill Level: Easy
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