Lotus: Z-Twisted Sport Weight Fashion Yarn

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Our exclusive Lotus yarn is a fashion quality smooth sport weight blend. It's Z-twisted (counterclockwise-spun). 

We package it in five amounts:20 colors and 4 sizes of DesigningVashti Lotus yarn for 2016!

    1. Sample 45" lengths of all twenty colors
    2. Smaller 85-yard "Snack" balls
    3. Original Lotus Balls: 256 yds/235 m per 3.5oz/100g.
    4. One-Pound Lotus Cones, over 1,100 yds.
    5. Jumbo Two-Pound Lotus Cones!


Why are Doris Chan and Vashti Braha excited about Lotus yarn?

DesigningVashti Lotus Yarn in color Grenadine; crochet lace pants and Lotus Bolero designed by Doris Chan and modeled by Vashti Braha. Photo ©2014 Alex Iannelli.

- Its Z-twist spin is ideal for crochet. For most crocheters it reduces "splitting" (when the crochet hook snags or splits some of a yarn's strands). Crocheting with it speeds up crocheting, looks prettier, and the yarn looks new longer. Most plied yarn in the US is spun with a final "S-Twist" instead (clockwise spin). 

- Almost no mill knots! It's proudly made in an American mill that also serves the fashion industry.

- The starting yarn end is HOOK READY: It's attached to the yarn label and waiting for you.

- Versatile sport weight thickness (#2 Fine Weight or Light DK).

- Its fiber blending interacts beautifully with crochet stitches. Cotton is blended with 48% Rayon a special way. The rayon (plant fiber viscose) adds a subtle shimmer. Cotton adds strength, keeping it from feeling limp and slippery. Spritz with water and the rayon's silky drape comes out; the cotton fibers plump a bit for beautiful pearly stitches.


- 19 colors! We don't have to worry about it being discontinued. We're planning more colors.

Machine wash and dry on a gentle setting with like colors. As with most fashion fabrics, hand washing and air drying extend its life.

Patterns for Lotus: scroll to the bottom for more.

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    Patterns to Use With Lotus Yarn: Lotus Gallery

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    How to use Lotus Yarn in your favorite pattern: Start with the crochet hook size called for in the pattern. If it falls in a range of US-5 (F/3.75 mm) to US-7 (G/4.50 mm), then look next at the type of yarn. If it's mostly cotton or rayon (i.e. viscose, bamboo, tencel), chances are great that Lotus will work well. We carefully tailored our Lotus yarn to crochet for exciting results, but it's great to knit and weave with it too.

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    New designs by Doris Chan for Lotus Yarn!

    Lotus is...crochet enlightenment.