Lotus Z-Bombe (One-Pound Cone)

American made Lotus crochet yarn on a jumbo 2-lb (.9 kilo) cone of approx. 2300 yds. It's like getting 9 large balls for the price of 8, and only two ends to weave in instead of 18!
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  • Item #: Lotus-Cone-1lb
  • Manufacturer: DV Mill #1

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Need BLACK GLEAM? We have partial cones of Black Gleam in stock. Email Vashti for a deal on these. 

Each Z-Bombe cone is one full pound of our deliciously z-twisted Lotus yarn, almost a half-kilo (454g); the weight of the cardboard core is not counted. Each pound has over 1,100 yds, or nearly 4.5 balls of the 256-yd. Lotus balls (235 m per 3.5 oz or 100 g).

Buying a Z-Bombe means almost no ends to weave in for a crochet garment. Doris and Vashti both love crocheting with our Lotus from cones. Once you start crocheting there's no reason to stop!

Click here to learn more about what makes Lotus special. 

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