Lotus "Snacks": Mini Lotus Balls for Smaller Projects

Lotus Snacks have 85 yds per 1.16 oz "cupcake" ball (77.7 m per 33 g) of the same sport weight yarn in all 20 colors. 

DesigningVashti Lotus yarn shown in two sizes for comparison: a full-size ball (256 yds/3.5 oz) and the new Lotus Snacks (85 yds/1.16 oz).

Snacks have one-third the amount of yarn as a full size ball. Compare the size of the Lotus Snacks with the full-sized (256 yds per 3.5 oz) balls in the photo at right. 

Lotus Snacks are:

- Cute li'l Hook Ready™ cupcakes. This means it's wound in a "center-pull cake" and its starting yarn end is found for you already. No rolling around and bouncing on the floor, because it sits flat next to you as you crochet. Keep it in its clear protective bag. Just add crochet hook and crocheter and go!

DesigningVashti Lotus Snacks mini center-pull Hook Ready™ yarn balls in their own protective project bags- Proudly made in the USA with a small carbon footprint.

- A sport weight blend of 52% Cotton, 48% Rayon. "Sport weight" is also known as Light DK, 5-Ply, and CYC #2 Fine. This yarn can also work well for some fashion patterns calling for a "DK" or "Light Worsted Weight" (CYC #3 Light) yarn. We recommend crochet hook sizes in the range of US4/E/3.5 mm for sturdy home decor and structured jackets, to as large as US8/H/5 mm for fashion projects, depending on the amount of drape needed and the specific crochet technique used. For example, larger crochet hook sizes work better for Tunisian and slip stitch crochet lace, smaller hooks for crochet jewelry.

- Spun in a final "Z-Twist" (counterclockwise) direction for superior compatibility with crochet! For most crocheters this special feature reduces "splitting" or "splittiness," which is when the crochet hook splits the individual plies of a yarn, i.e. catches only some of its strands in the process of crocheting. When a yarn is prone to splitting, it slows down crocheting and looks messy, or sometimes low-quality or old. The average yarn available in the US today is spun with a final "S-Twist" instead (clockwise direction), which tends to be favored by knitters.

- Available in twenty colors! Best of all, we never have to worry about someone discontinuing this yarn, or its colors. In fact, more colors are planned.

- Machine-washable and dryable on a gentle setting with like colors, although as with most fashion fabrics, hand washing and air drying will extend its life.

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