Limited Edition Lotus Essence Cuticle Balm

We're proud to be able to offer this one of a kind Lotus & Lanolin Cuticle Balm, thanks to a collaboration with a close friend. Ananda Wilson of Amrita Apothecary blended all natural ingredients...
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  • Item #: L-Scent Balm
  • Manufacturer: Amrita Aromatics

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We're proud to be able to offer this one of a kind item through a collaboration with a close friend. 

Ananda Wilson of Amrita Apothecary blended all natural ingredients to create this Lotus & Lanolin Cuticle Balm. Ingredients list:

Golden Jojoba, Grapeseed, and Olive Oils infused with Calendula, Lanolin, Vitamin E, Essential Oils, Absolutes, and Beeswax.

She named the scent Vashti, and used pure Lotus flower essential oil as the basis for a sweet, soft, creamy scent. Here is how she describes it:

Vashti begins with a clear, graceful opening of Petitgrain & Bergamot accord to refresh the spirit and inspire. It is followed by a nuanced, complex, subtle heart of Nigella, Carnation, Acacia & Lavender Honey Absolutes, and a melody of botanicals with honey notes, herbal whims, aquatic suggestions, and intriguing softness.

Drying down into the Pink Lotus roots of the perfume, Vashti unfurls and evolves into a meditative zone - where creativity flourishes and beautiful things effortlessly manifest. 

Vashti perfume is about the creative process. It is about yarn. It is about texture and patterns. It is a companion perfume to your Muse. A date with tapping the creative sap welling up in your being. It is the smell of new wet earth emerging in spring.

Ananda's process of creating a new scent is fascinating. She creates a special new scent every month for her subscribers. To learn more, go to .

Here is more of what Ananda had to say about this Lotus blend:

When I asked Vashti what kind of perfume would most accurately portray her spirit, she didn't hesitate to tell me of her connection with lotus. I was thrilled - I have worked with lotus before (Nymphaea, Blue Tara) and have been wanting to create a new one based on Pink Lotus, Carnation, and Nigella.

Pink Lotus seems to suggest to people a bright, fruity-clean smell. In fact, it is not like that at all. It is more like dirty honey. It is subdued, unusual, polleny, textured, slightly aquatic, and slightly rooty. There are sweet earth notes to it, but waxy and hums in a lower key, so to speak, than a rose or neroli might. It responds well to creamy notes, florals, honey, fruits, and herbs, and can be a bit of a chameleon in perfume compositions. The process of smelling this perfume as it evolved and came together was incredibly fascinating.

Carnation is also a similar type aroma, but a little more tenacious and also doesn't really smell like a carnation in its flower phase where it's like clove scented soda. But the honey notes are significant and paired perfectly with the pink lotus and linden blossom included. Nigella added a fruity twist to the foundation of the perfume - not turning it into a fruit perfume but rather augmenting the unique layers of the heart notes and supporting the transition from the petitgrain/bergamot opening into the evolution of wear.

Inside this perfume there are many precious oils, one being an exquisite China Tea Rose that nearly brought tears to my eyes. You may not smell the rose notes exactly .... but it's presence in the perfume created a roundness that was key. Another magic moment in this perfume is a tiny touch of Violet leaf - which surprised me in its ability to buoy a creamy, borderline heavy base, without imposing its grassy voice. 

With these tricky ingredients and more elaborate packaging, I can say I have spent the most time on this perfume and set than any other. I hope it will resonate richly with the infused love and attention.

And since her hands are the weavers of her work, she suggested a matching cuticle balm to care for her fingers and nails. *Perfect. So in conjunction to the perfume, we have a matching nourishing balm for your crocheting (or knitting) fingers. Something to gently scent your skin, heal your cuticles, feed your cells, and be perfectly compatible with your yarn. Herbal oils soothe, and the natural lanolin penetrates all layers of your skin while imparting the nostalgic faint smell of hand spun wool.

Wearing this perfume as I write, I feel a pipeline to my creative feminine nature and I feel supported and held by the whispers of aromatic poetry and dance on my skin. And I am somewhat addictively smelling my wrists.

The loveliest photos shown here were taken by professional photographer Marlaina Donato:

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