Large 256-yd Lotus Balls

The original 3.5 oz (100 g) center-pull balls, 256 yds per ball. One ball goes a long way! Use only one to make Doris Chan's Lotus Wings. Use from one to 3 balls to make a Lotus Bolero, depending on the size. Click HERE to see all of our crochet patterns for Lotus.

Lotus is a sport weight cotton-rayon blend that's made in the USA with a final Z-Twist for superior compatibility with crochet. It's wonderful for many reasons.

How to use Lotus Yarn in your favorite pattern: Start with the crochet hook size called for in the pattern. If it falls in a range of US-4 (E/3.50 mm) to US-7 (G/4.50 mm), then look next at the type of yarn. If it's primarily cotton or rayon (a.k.a. viscose, bamboo, tencel) and looks smooth, chances are great that Lotus will give you the results you're looking for. We carefully tailored Lotus Yarn to crochet for exciting results, but of course you will love knitting and weaving with it too!

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