Jelly Yarn® Bulky: Pink Peppermint GLOW

Bulky Jelly Yarn® is strong, stretchy, smooth, and futuristic vinyl monofilament (NOT fiber yarn). This color GLOWS IN THE DARK!
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  • Item #: JY-B-pinkGLOW
  • Manufacturer: Jelly Yarns

Free shipping to all USA addresses. Jelly Yarn® is manufactured in the USA. Your order ships direct from the Pennsylvania warehouse of its creative originator, Kathleen Greco. It's fun to crochet with Jelly Yarn®! 

Jelly Yarn® is not like other yarns. It's a vinyl filament. (Yarns are usually spun plies of fibers.) No matter how long you've been crocheting or knitting, Jelly Yarn® is a new experience with even the simplest stitches. It's specially formulated to be pliable with a crochet hook or knitting needle.

Bulky Jelly Yarn® Yardage and Gauge Facts: 

  • Each 8.46 oz. ball has 65 yards (59 meters per 240 grams). 
  • 4" Crochet Gauge: US-J (6 mm) hook: (sc) 12 sts + 14 rows
  • 4" Knit Gauge: US-10 (6 mm) needles: (k) 14 sts + 32 rows
  • Knit Gauge, Double Strand: US-13 (9 mm) needles: (k) 10 sts + 8 rows
  • Bulky (Medium) Weight yarn category. See Jelly Yarn® Super Fine and Jelly Yarn® Fine for thinner sizes. 

Click here for a list of patterns and tips for using Bulky Jelly Yarn®.

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