Eva's Ribs Scarf FREE Crochet Pattern: Slip Stitch Rib 101

This is pure slip stitch crochet and my all-time favorite type of crochet ribbed scarf: slip stitches worked into the back loop. With a larger-than usual crochet hook, it's faster than you’d think.
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  • Manufacturer: Vashti Braha

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About Eva's Ribs Scarf: 

This is pure slip stitch crochet, done in the back loop. With a larger-than usual crochet hook, it crochets up faster than you’d think. 

It’s such an easy pattern that it’s almost not a pattern at all. It is Step One in creating my Eva Shrug, and when I was making the shrug, I was very tempted to stop right here and leave it as a scarf! If you decide to turn your scarf into the Eva Shrug, you’ll have Step One already finished.

Eva’s Ribs resemble knitted stockinette or 1X1 knitted rib to many people. It does for me too, sort of. This is a luxuriantly stretchy and plush ribbing, more so than any other crocheted or knitted ribbing I’ve experienced.

Most of my other slip stitch projects have been done in the front loop. The kind of fabric it produces also resembles knitting, but reminds me more of garter stitch, or of Tunisian Purl stitch.

My total yarn cost for just the scarf: $13, with two-thirds of the second skein left over. This means I’d use all of three skeins if I made two scarves for a total of $19.50 :-)

I devoted Issue #9 of my Crochet Inspirations Newsletter to this inspiring ribbing, including the instructions to make your own. I’ve put those instructions into this spiffy official DesigningVashti single pattern PDF format, which you can conveniently store in your Ravelry library. 
I hope you enjoy this scarf as much as I do! 
--- Vashti

Skill Level: Easy-Intermediate. I’d sure like to call this an “Advanced Beginner” pattern, because the slip stitch is an elementary stitch, and this is a simple scarf pattern. However, the stitch gauge is much looser than most crocheters are taught to use when they learn how to do the slip stitch. The more you can let your crochet hook size determine how loose you make your slip stitches, the more you’ll like your scarf. Your stitches will even out and get soft and stretchy. I call it a “hook-led” gauge. I’m discovering it’s an Intermediate skill that is necessary for crocheting some kinds of slip stitch fabrics and Tunisian lace. (Pattern includes clickable links to my online article about this important skill, and to an online photo set.)

Pattern is written with a limited amount of abbreviations. International English equivalents to American measurements, yarn weights, and stitch terms are provided in brackets.

It’s easy to make your scarf wider or longer. If you do, you may need more yarn; also, you might not be able to use it as Step One of the Eva Shrug.

Substituting a yarn: The best fibers for this project add bounce and plump stretchiness because of their wool or acrylic content. (Cotton yarn is just not the same for this!) Choose a #3 light- to #4 medium-weight yarn that recommends a crochet hook size range somewhere between US G/7/4.5mm-I/9/5.5mm. These yarns may also be referred to as DK (Double Knitting), Light Worsted, or Worsted weight.

  • Special Technique: Slip Stitch Short Rows
  • Skill Level: Easy/Intermediate
  • Season: Fall Winter
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