Bamboo Circular 16-in Double-Ended Hook by Size

100% bamboo flexible double-ended afghan crochet hooks 16" long. Swivel joins made of nickel-plated copper that are securely glued and crimped. Pliable nylon cables. Hook size is permanently laser imprinted. By ChiaoGoo.
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All Crochet Hooks SHIP FREE to USA addresses. See option below for Canadian addresses.

These flexible double-ended afghan crochet hooks by ChiaoGoo are 16" long. We also carry 24" long ones. (If you're looking for even longer ones, please drop us a note: Thanks!) The free shipping makes this a good price on these bamboo Tunisian crochet hooks. 

Pliable nylon cables are connected to the hooked ends with swiveling nickel-plated copper joins. These joins are securely glued and crimped. The hook size is permanently laser imprinted.

ChiaoGoo hooks are carved from the strongest bamboo of all, Moso: it has the tensile strength of steel! They're imported from China by a family-owned company in Michigan. ChiaoGoo has cheerfully sponsored my crochet classes for years.

Double-ended circular hooks are used for a fun variation of Tunisian crochet. It involves using two different balls of yarn, and turning at the end of the row. It's known as Double-Ended Crochet, Cro-Hook, Crochenit, Cro-knitting, and Crochet on the Double™. 

Mesmer is a double-ended crochet design; here is its pattern page.

Choose from ten sizes, F (3.75 mm) through P (11.50 mm), in the drop-down menu below. 

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